About Us

Stuvamac India Pvt Ltd is an ISO 9001:2008 Certified engineering dedication for achieving manufacturing excellence in precision and power generation components. Our business models aims at aloft ideals and the ubiquitous growth through Innovative manufacturing. Customized solutions, Industrial effectiveness are our value drivers. Quality to customers is our business foundation.

The Team

Stuvamac is envisioned by engineering technocrat with 2 decades of Hands- on expertise in handling 4th generation CNC machines in International and domestic arena.

With Quest to create a professional engineering destination matching international standards, the entrepreneurship has been initiated to meet the best industry practices and elate customers by achieving the pinnacle of performance in Quality, Delivery, and service needs to the customer.
The vision is supported by matched skill sets in management and technical sides of the business process. The organizational matrix is optimal to the current business plans of the organization which will be enhanced qualitatively upon requirements.

Capability Profile

Hands- on expertise in 4th generation CNC machines and machining centres.
Expert in process control and process reengineering, designing fixtures to meet air gauge tolerances and accuracy.
Reverse engineering on products, modelling and prototyping.
Competent in understanding international drawings and customer requirements.
Skilled in operating all tool room machines such as Milling, Surface Grinding, Cylindrical grinding lathe and SPM’s